Tracking Your Expenses

  • I'm a big fan of apps that connect with your accounts, download your spending data automatically, categorise most of your spending for you and allow you flexibility to categorise yourself

  • These are particularly useful if you do almost all your spending via a credit card/bank account rather than cash
  • There are a couple free apps that I have been using, one more simple - the other more 'holistic' that I have found useful (links below, or go to your app store):

    • For simple, tracking your expenses with the ability to categorise yourself - get the Pocketbook App

    • For a more holistic experience (i.e. beyond just expense data), with a better user interface, try out Money Brilliant


  • For those women that prefer to go the more manual route (i.e. no integration with your bank data), MoneySmart's  TrackmySpend is a good option

  • It provides useful triggers to expenses, but relies on you having all the data at hand to complete

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