Single Mums

There are ~ 765,000 households in Australia led by a single mothers.  

These super women often juggle the care of their kids, managing the house, earning an income and preparing for the future.

F-Empowered aims to help single mums move forward and take control through six key steps:

1. Demolish your short term debt - live within your means
2. Know where you're at - what is your income less your expenses and how to create and stick to a budget
3. Save up for something important to you - holiday, car, kids' education - this is important
4. Buy your house with confidence - this means having enough upfront and buying what you can afford (plus knowing which home loan is right for you!)
5. Prepare for the future -  this is protecting yourself and your kids (super, insurance, investments, will/estate plan)
6. Empower your kids - you are their role model, so involve them on the journey of making decisions with your money

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