Jane shares her top tips for "staying in the black"

Hi Ritzy,

I've been following your posts and rather than ask a question, I would love to share my top tips for staying out of short term debt. 
Just a bit about me, I am the money decision maker in our family and through a long process of trial & error learnt allot over the years - so would love to share some of these learnings:

1. Have a separate bills account so I never have to worry about having money to pay those big bills
2. Have total transparency about money with your partner (unless it's for a birthday present!)
3. Unsubscribe from marketing emails  that encourage or entice you to spend
4.  Keep a buffer in your account - $100, $250, $500 - whatever, it's important to cushion those unexpected expenses
5.  Check if your bank sends you texts with balance or spending, it helps keep you on track
6. Using a budget to plan spending so you don't get caught out
7.  Use the following tools -  YNAB (free trial), pocketbook, money brilliant and pocketsmith to help manage your money.

The main thing is not to stick your head in the sand, know your money situation.