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Investment: $60

Return: F-Empowered will get you financially fitter, creating a saving habit in 21 days.  You will edge closer towards your goal.  You'll make the $50 in the first workout without breaking a sweat ;).

You'll get a view of your money situation and structure to save $1,000 (with a number of 'workouts').  
In the first workout you could return $50 without breaking a sweat ;).

For 21 days, ask questions, bounce ideas and stay motivated - I have 10+ years banking experience, accreditation to give general advice on banking products and a diploma of finance.  I'd love to help you boost your financial fitness.



Two steps to getting involved

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How much have you saved up already
How much could you (without going into debt) set aside to save
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Couch to $1k
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After getting financially fitter with F-Empowered, women had this to say:

That was brilliant. I feel in control of my money
[The program] really set me up to start intentionally saving, unintentionally
I loved having the structure to work towards achieving my goals