A bit on Bitcoin and a block on Blockchain

I am sure many of you have opened the newspaper recently and increasingly seen articles on bitcoin or blockchain.  That is no surprise.  Bitcoin has risen from $1 USD in 2011 and at the time of writing this blog, has risen to over to $8,000 USD.  That, by any definition, is a ridiculous increase.  I've taken an interest in crypto-currencies since being on maternity leave and have come to realise how complex this new world is.

Don Tapscott, author of Blockchain Revolution and speaker of referenced TED Talk below states "The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades has arrived. And it's not social media. It's not big data. It's not robotics. It's not even AI. You'll be surprised to learn that it's the underlying technology of digital currencies like Bitcoin. It's called the blockchain."

I believe as this market matures, it is really important to understand the basics of what is bitcoin, crypto-currencies and critically what is blockchain.  I would also suggest for any investment decision more broadly, if you were interested in investing in bitcoin (note I cannot give any advice on this), it is critical to understand what you are getting yourself into. 

With this in mind, I’m going to share the best explanations of bitcoin & blockchain I have heard to date and encourage the up to 20 minute time investment

PODCAST: listen to the podcast or read transcript here   (<10 minutes)

TED TALK: to watch the TED Talk or read the transcript click here (~19 minutes)