About the Founder.


I am a mum to two gorgeous kids (~5 and 1) and wife to a very supportive husband.  I have worked in banking & finance for over a decade and am very passionate about women being educated to make decisions with their money.  

I have had the idea for a number of years, and with the birth of Jasmine, I felt compelled to take action.  She is my motivation for starting F-Empowered.  I want her to grow up learning about finance and importantly making decisions when it comes to her money.

Irit with Jasmine (7 months old)

Irit with Jasmine (7 months old)


Although I have been fortunate enough to work in financial services for over a decade, I have done research & spoken to hundreds of women to confirm there is a large difference when it comes to financial knowledge & confidence between the genders.

I want to change this.

Women have told me that they feel overwhelmed or do not know where to start when it comes to learning about finance.  

My goal is to help 100,000 women feel in control to make educated decisions with their money within three years.  

I adapt the F-Empowered platform with input from the community and so if you have a question or want to collaborate - please contact me using the button below.

More about the founder:

Irit has worked in financial services at ANZ & currently at NAB, has an MBA, a diploma of Finance, an accreditation to provide general advice on financial products & services and a double degree in Science and Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering.  Fair to say she loves to learn.

Aside from family, which is her #1 love, Irit enjoys travelling off the beaten track, yoga & jogging.

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