About f-empower



When Irit’s son, Aden, was born over four years ago, she started speaking to women - of all ages and stages - about finance.  What she found was that although most of the women did all the spending for the household day to day, they did not partake in the “bigger” decisions when it came to money.  These women were highly educated and smart, but felt overwhelmed when it came to more complex financial matters.

Irit whilst on holiday in Sacred Valley, Peru

Irit whilst on holiday in Sacred Valley, Peru

Fast forward four years, and a few months after her daughter, Jasmine, was born, Irit decided to revisit a broader audience to understand if there was a need or a gap in the market.  She surveyed hundreds of females and the result was a resounding yes.  So whilst on maternity leave from her job in finance, she decided to create f-empower. 

f-empower aims to educate and empower females with financial knowledge and tools so that women can make their own decisions with their money.  It is not advice, but rather education.



Aside from her family, which are her #1 loves, Irit enjoys travelling off the beaten track, jogging and yoga   

She has worked in finance for over a decade and is currently on maternity leave from her job at one of the big four banks.

She has a passion for education, with an MBA, a Diploma of Finance and a Double Degree in Science & Engineering; and she hopes to share this love of learning with others through f-empower.